Dad/Daughter Reading Streak -- 3,218 Days in a Row!

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This story about a father reading to his daughter for 3,218 nights (and some mornings) in a row -- from fourth grade until her first day of college! -- is a big huge heart warmer.

Get out the hanky, my friends.


Single dad and elementary school librarian Jim Brozina was disheartened when his oldest daughter, then a fourth grader, cut off their nightly book reads and so he aimed to keep the read-alongs going longer with his youngest daughter Kristen.

When Kristen was in fourth grade, her dad first proposed they try for a "reading streak" of 100 nights in a row, which turned into 1,000 nights, which turned into a bonding ritual they called The Streak and that lasted years, up until her first day of college.

This is more than a story about the importance of enriching our children's lives with books but also one of a deep connection and loyalty formed between a daughter and her dad. Kristen, while hanging out with friends in high school, would always make a point to stop in her evenings and swing by home to read with her dad for at least 10 minutes. Then she'd head back out with her friends for more fun.

Through family losses including her mother leaving her father, her grandparents dying, and her older sister heading off to college, this family came down to these two -- and what an amazing relationship they nourished.

“In high school, I had friends who never talked to their parents," said Kristen. "It never occurred to me not to. If someone takes care of you, you want to be with them.”

Jim felt the same, “I wanted her to be absolutely sure in her mind that I was here for her,” he said.

This story's a must-read. And if it doesn't make you want to go read with your kids, I don't know what will.

Do you have a unique reading ritual with your kids?

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