Celebrate Earth Day With Dr. Seuss

Photo from My Natural Toy
Honoring Earth Day with the kids means making some big concepts (hello Inconvenient Truth) palatable, and we dare say fun.

Thank goodness for Dr. Seuss.

Does he ever steer us wrong?


A copy of The Lorax might be on everyone's list, but that doesn't make it any less impactful for kids (my daughter got it for Easter this year). The story of the little creature standing up for the Truffula Trees has been standing strong since 1971 as a bedtime tale with an ecological bent.

Slip Horton Hears a Who into the DVD player for a reminder of all the creatures that depend on us to be good stewards of the Earth. My personal favorite of the book-to-film adaptations of Seuss so far, the Jim Carrey/Steve Carrell flick is a nod to the need to protect civilizations from development with an adorable elephant that will draw the kids in.

Looking for something newer? The folks at My Natural Toy sent us a Cat in the Hat from their new line of Seuss-inspired Earth-friendly toys. Dubbed The Lorax Project, the all-natural cotton toys stuffed animals are 100 percent non-toxic and feature mineral and soy coloring rather than chemical dyes.

What's your favorite Seuss story for green living?

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