Seeking Everyday Girl Role Models (Sorry, Miley)

Discover Girls magazine cover
Photo from Discovery Girls
Discovery Girls
magazine is currently seeking tween girl role models -- no, not singers, actors, models, or other girl celebrities and not teens or adults either -- but average, everyday, extraordinary tween girls that can serve as role models to other tween girls!

Is this girl someone you know?


To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Discovery Girls is searching for 10 great girl role models, ages 7 to 13. Their ideal role model works hard every day to become her best! She's confident, resilient, positive, balanced.

Is this your tween daughter, niece, student, neighbor? Does your favorite tween girl have a positive message or story to share?

Then tell them about this cool Discovery Girl Role Model Search. Applications are due no later than July 26, 2010.

Really love the idea for celebrating actual tweens as role models for other tweens. After all, don't we always seem to learn the most from the people who are most like us?

Do you think of your tween, daughter or son, as a role model? Tell us why.

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