Easter Bunny or Creepy Dude in a Furry Suit?

Easter bunny boy
Photo from sketchy bunnies
This Tumblr of creepy Easter Bunny photos is so funny...or scary... Gosh, we make our kids do the darnedest things sometimes.


I've been pretty much sworn off guys in bunny costumes since seeing Donnie Darko, but I've saved some room in my bunny-loving heart for the Easter kind.

However, after taking a look at these creepy dudes (I mean really taking a good hard look), I'm pretty sure Lisa Oz, co-host of The Dr. Oz Show on Oprah Radio, is onto something, not telling her kids the Easter Bunny fib.

Have you taken your kid to see Mr. Bunny this year? If so, I hope he didn't look like the one on the left.

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