Good April Fool's Day Pranks for Kids

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I'm a bit of an April Fool's Day prank prude of sorts. I don't like mean pranks of any sort. If the prank takes the other person on an "emotional journey to hell," even for three seconds, I think it's probably too mean.

What about you? Are you into April Fool's Day pranks?


What pranks are too mean? I may be alone in this, but I think telling your spouse you're pregnant after a vasectomy or tubal ligation, joking to your family that you won the lottery, or kidding about the child's school burning down are all too mean.

For pranks on kids, I tend to like the simple and silly jokes like short-sheeting the bed or putting food coloring in their milk.

Here are a few "nicer" April Fool's Day pranks I found over on CafeMom, which would be fun to pull on kids:

  • alicia541: One time my aunt replaced the white stuff in between Oreo cookies with toothpaste and put them on a plate. Everyone ate them thinking that they were just mint....
  • LadyKiki: When I worked at the factory, we taped people's drawers closed.
  • Kalcan8: Take a screen shot of your desktop then use it as your wallpaper and hide your icons. When someone goes to use the computer, they'll click on the wallpaper icons and none of them will open LOL.
  • heatmac4: Putting a rubber band around the sprayer for the kitchen sink. When someone turns the water, they think its going to come out of the faucet, but then they really get hit with the sprayer!
  • MissKellee: Switch the Salt and Sugar (this one's perfect for those kids who love to put a giant dollop of sugar in their morning cereal).
  • PaceMyself: My 18 year old bought his first car yesterday. Beautiful red, Mazda rx8. Parked it in front of the house. Went to bed. This morning, he was already up when I got up. First thing he says "Mom, I got a car" (he's so excited)... I walked straight over to the blinds and peeked out and said "Yeah, that somebody HIT last night." I have never seen that kid move soooo fast! He was freaking out, literally turning circles in the floor (like that was gonna help). When I turned around and was smiling at him, he literally growled like a bear at me and stomped off to the kitchen. I laughed the rest of the day.

Are you planning any April Fool's Day pranks on your kids this Thursday?

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