Stella McCartney's New Spring Kids Collection at Gap

blue stella mccartney   stella mccartney tshirt

Some really cute duds in the upcoming Stella McCartney spring collection for kids at Gap. You can get a sneak peek of the new line over at LilSugar.


Lots of us ogled Stella McCartney's Fall Collection (and then sighed deeply over its prices), but enough moms must have liked what they saw because Stella's back again for spring.

And some women apparently really really like this collection -- so much that adult women are buying the larger sizes and wearing some of Stella's pieces themselves. !!! I don't know why I'm not surprised to find out that women are taking any chance they can to squeeze into tiny designer clothes.

What do you think of Stella McCartney's spring collection? Or are you reserving judgment until you see the price tags?

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