Parental Smoking Leads to 15,000 Cases of Kids Asthma Per Year

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Yikes. That's a nasty statistic for parents who smoke. And guess what, that statistic is just for the tiny little UK. Gulp!

Planning to quit smoking yet?


According to doctors, The Guardian states, "Tens of thousands of children in the UK every year get asthma, chest infections and ear problems because they are exposed to smoke from their parents' cigarettes."

Further, a report from the Royal College of Physicians warns, "Secondhand smoke causes 15,400 children between three and 16 to develop asthma, gives 20,500 two or under a chest infection and 121,400 under-16s an infected middle ear, Another 600 under-16s get meningitis, 7,200 babies start wheezing and 40 children die of sudden infant death syndrome owing to passive smoking."

And no, your kids are still not safe if you roll down the windows in the car while you smoke or wait to smoke at home until they're tucked into bed. Prof John Britton, the group's chairman, says that "a child's exposure to passive smoke is about three times higher than a peer in a non-smoking family if the father smokes but is raised by more than six times if the mother does and by almost nine-fold if both parents light up."

The RCP's tobacco advisory group report then concludes that even "smoking in outdoor areas where children gather should be outlawed."

Um, welcome to 2010, folks, a time in which people die every day from lung cancer they developed from exposure to second-hand smoke. I don't have numbers and I'm not a doctor, but I could've told you isn't wasn't good.

Do you smoke? Do you smoke indoors or in the car with your kids? If so, why haven't you stopped yet?

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