Teacher Eggs On Kindergarten Fight

Flickr photo by trix0r
A teacher who encouraged students to punch a bully is out of a job, but private school officials are still pinning the blame on a little kid.

Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?


In an interview with Houston-area TV station KHOU, the school's director Chuck Wall said, "This is a kid who has repeatedly beat up kids in my school. He had punched a little girl like a punching bag and was caught by one of my teachers and what he got back ... was absolutely minor in comparison to what he did to this poor little girl."

Repeat after me, Mr. Wall, two wrongs don't make a right.

I wouldn't ask a school to excuse a child's bad behavior -- three quarters of American kids have reportedly been bullied, and at times the results have been devastating -- but suggesting other kids punch a kindergarten bully is not the way you get violence out of the classroom.

The boy was allegedly called to stand at the front of the bus on a field trip to Chuck E. Cheese, and each child punched him as they passed by on their way to their seats. That's not defending oneself from bullying, that's becoming the bully.

By allowing the kids to take matters into their own hands, the teacher rubber stamped vigilante justice. The better course would have been for the school to take discipline into its own hands. If their claims that the boy is a bully are valid, and that his parents' refused to heed their requests, then perhaps expulsion was in order to protect the other kids?

Regardless, it's a decision that should have been made, and acted out, by adults.

Of course, this is a school that sends its kids to a fast food joint with a maniacal rat as its mascot -- apparently they're not big on common sense.

Do you think the bully was at fault here or the adult?

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