My Little Pony Has Still Got It

My Little Pony Convertible; Amazon
Need proof that My Little Pony is still a hot quantity more than 20 years after I spent hours brushing those long manes?

I spent a recent weekend hitting store after store for the exact pony my daughter had asked the Easter Bunny to bring, and still came up with bupkus.


It wasn't until I hit the Hasbro online store that I hit paydirt -- and nostalgia lane. Then I opened my mailbox last week to find a look-book for Hasbro's new toys, including the brand spankin' new My Little Pony line.

I don't know who I was looking for -- her or me. Yes, folks, I Jeanne Sager, am a My Little Pony-aholic.

It could be worse. I could be into Barbies (gag me) or Star Wars (which I couldn't even pretend were for my kid). Laugh if you will (oh go on, let it out, no use getting a belly ache on my account), but that mind-numbing boredom of playing trucks with my daughter doesn't come from brushing a pony's tail. It's not rocket science, but it's relaxing.

So what are this self-confessed pony-aholic's favorite picks from My Little Pony's spring line? Oh, I'm so glad you asked (you did, didn't you?).

My Little Pony Convertible ($19.96) -- You thought only Barbie got a cool ride? Oh ho, how you're wrong. A mom pony and her baby (Pinkie Pie) manage a pretty cool feat -- how to make something with four-legs fit into (neigh drive) a car. It's absolutely covered in pink, but I love the incorporation of a vehicle, proof that not everyone thinks cars are for boys.

My Little Pony Hair Play; Hasbro
My Little Pony Hair Play Sets
($10.99) -- It's true, I have no hair, but there's something soothing about the repetive motion involved in combing out the same set of long hair over and over. Not all the sets come with "real hair;" my daughter is a bigger fan of those with plastic pre-made hairdos that you can change out. But what can I say? I'm old school.

My Little Pony Newborns ($16.99) -- They had these at Christmas-time -- when my daughter got hers -- so I'm not sure why they're in the spring catalog (new characters in the line perhaps?). But my memories of trying to cuddle up with my hard plastic ponies (and the red spot on my cheek the next morning) are not anything my daughter will deal with. When they say so soft, they mean it. Only the head on these cuddly critters is standard pony.

What toys from your childhood are you happy to share with your kids?

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