Pre-Made Easter Baskets Save Time

Big Kid 6

Angel Kitty Gift Set;
Herban Renewal
Finding Easter basket goodies can be a giant pain in the tuchas. But going with the pre-made Easter basket is usually fraught with its own problems.

Too much candy. Too much trinket-y junk. Not enough stuff that makes the kids happy.

We rounded up a few pre-made picks for parents who just don't have enough time left before April 4 to go out and gather the goodies. Take a look:

Crayola Gift Box ($47.50) from Adorable Gift Baskets -- It's not food-free, but the host of Crayola craft supplies will keep the kids busy for the entire spring break!

Angel Kitty Gift Set ($24.95) from Herban Renewal -- Who says it has to be in basket form? A stuffed friend for bedtime, and a host of spa products make for a beauty-ful weekend.

Curious Chef Cookie Making Easter Basket ($49.95) from Amazon -- Cooking with your kids is a happy way to spend a holiday weekend, and you can control the sugar in those Easter treats.

Bio Kiste Wooden Organic Food Set; 
Oompa Toys
Bio-Kiste Wooden Organic Food Set ($38.49) from Oompa Toys -- For the younger set, play food is still the ultimate in fun, and this organic playset comes in its own basket. Not traditional, but chances are good this is one basket they'll still be playing with long after the Easter bunny's hopped his way back down the bunny trail.

Do you ever buy the pre-made Easter baskets?



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Momma... MommaTasha1003

We are not fans of Pre-made. Dont think dd would be that interested & that is $20 that would be thrown away in less than 1wk. For $30 I can make one that will be kept & enjoyed more! $20: "Princess & The Frog" Dvd. $10: Chocolate Bunny, candy, grass, plastic eggs, a few cheap Easter "Filler" toys.
We re-use last years easter basket (I usually keep easter baskets, plastic eggs & grass in our garage in a box)
Our cheap toys are fun. me & dh usually like to play with them as much as dd. and when they cost about $1 -- its worth it. the dvd, she was going to get with or without easter, so why not!

Sarahb21 Sarahb21

I like making my own.

othermom othermom

I have gotten premade ones, but prefer to make them myself

aneela aneela

i sometimes get one after easter on clearance

coppe... copperswifey

I have bought them before if I wasn't sure what to get. I prefer to make my own though. :)

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