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Cheap, Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Big Kids

Big Kid Sheri Reed Mar 22, 2010

Paddle Ball ($4) at Blue Ribbon General Store

1Paddle Ball ($4)

Hours of fun outdoors (and out of their parents hair!) whapping ball to paddle.

Sunprint Kit ($4.95) at Discount School Supplies

2Sunprint Kit ($4.95)

Perfect springtime gift! Put an object on the Sunprint paper and place it in the sun, rinse, let dry, and print appears like magic!

Marbles in Canvas Bag ($5.99) at Back to Basic Toys

3Marbles in Canvas Bag ($5.99)

Bring back the game of marbles by gifting your kids this vintage marble set.


Twig Pencils ($6) at romp

4Twig Pencils ($6)

Way cooler than traditional colored pencils, a set of 10 twig pencils!

Crayon Rocks ($6.95) at Imagine Childhood

5Crayon Rocks ($6.95)

16 colorful crayons (that look like Easter eggs!), made of a soft soy wax and tinted with mineral powders, in a drawstring pouch.

Ridley's Retro Harmonica ($8) at Fred Flare

6Retro Harmonica ($8)

A fun little starter instrument for your little music man or woman.

Handmade Watercolor Palettes ($8.50) at Mahar Drygoods

7Handmade Watercolor Paints ($8.50)

For the creative kids -- set of six handmade watercolor cakes (red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple) in a clear-top tin with a tiny paintbrush and three sheets of thick watercolor paper.

Bunny Coin Purse ($12) at Oliebollen.com

8Bunny Coin Purse ($12)

Little zipper bunny pouch makes a great coin purse for young kids.

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