One 8-Year Old's Awesome Artist Collaborations

The Rest Is Up To You book
Photo from Andrea on Poppytalk
What happened when artist dad Aye Jay Morano sent his third grade son Cohen's water color paintings out to several, very cool street artists, graffiti writers, and children's illustrators for collaborative alterations?

This incredibly cool-looking and happy-making book The Rest Is Up To You, that's what (thanks, Andrea for sharing this over on Poppytalk).


Cohen provides response to many of the final art pieces, and in her post, Andrea points out a few of her favorite pages from inside the book.

This one completely melted me:

Mike 2600

Photo from Andrea on Poppytalk

Cohen responds to this collaboration from Mike 2600:

"It's a person saying This is my guts. My painting sorta looks like guts, but I wasn't drawing guts. I was just putting colors and stuff together, and he thought it looked like guts. But that is cool because he kinda looked inside and saw my colors, and saw my guts. Art actually does come from our guts."

What a smart and wonderful boy. I love this creative project. Go Cohen and go Dad!

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