Tomie DePaola Loves Moms

Amazon: $11.46

Tomie DePaola may be my favorite children's author of all time. And not just because his new book for the 4-8 set proclaims My Mother is So Smart!

But it certainly doesn't hurt.


I had a chance to interview the author of the classic Strega Nona last year, when he published an eco-friendly Strega story. He was just the way I'd imagined him to be since I was a little girl -- warm, friendly, prone to joyous fits of laughter, and at least pretended to be as interested in me as I was in him.

This time DePaola's pledged an interest in what it means to be a mom, writing through the eyes of a little boy for whom Mom can do no wrong. The child (he never gets a name) extols the virtue of mothers in a way that shows the myriad of things we do on a daily basis that sometimes make us feel woefully unappreciated.

From driving the boy to school to making his Halloween costume, it's a send-up to the minutae of life for a parent. Reading it with my daughter earned me a big hug -- and made me feel all warm and gushy inside.

The book hits shelves today.

Are you and/or your kids fans of Tomie DePaola books?

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