I Love Baseball & Other Things My Son Has Taught Me

Photo by Sheri Reed
Okay, so I only love baseball when my boy is playing, but I never thought I'd love watching any sport and so much.


Between the running of my 7-year-old Clyde between after-school care and baseball practices and the frantic gathering of the baseball gear on those days (hat, glove, baseball pants, cleats, cup, funny cup-holding underwear, check!), I never thought I'd find the love. Not even snack shack hot dogs and bubbly sodas, fresh off the machine, were going to make chasing my nutty 3-year-old around a dusty baseball park worth it! Wrong!

All it took was one game, sunny bleachers full of excited parents, and that first crack of my son's bat against the baseball, and I was on my feet, yelling, tearing up, happy, and fully in love with baseball. There's NOTHING better in this world of parenting than seeing your kid's smile when he finally understands what all the hard work was for.

I only hope that when Clyde and I made eye contact, him on first base, me smiling big, my fingers gripping the chain-link fence, that he saw the same thing and thought, See, Mom, this is what all the hard work is for.

Have you had a proud moment like this with your son or daughter?

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