Star Wars-Themed Goodnight Moon

star wars goodnight moon

Photo from Dzighnspace

How awesome -- a Star Wars-themed version of Goodnight Moon!


We currently eat, live, and sleep Stars Wars (and the Clone Wars) in our household. My 7-year-old is completely addicted to the movies and the Lego ships, and even my 3-year-old can name most the characters, old and new.

So it's no surprise that I love this downloadable book Goodnight Forest Moon, by Noah Dziobecki of Dzignspace, found via Craftzine. My favorite part? The little sleepy, tucked-in Stormtrooper, of course.

Mr. Dziobecki created this fun little book for the first birthday of his friends’ child and then decided to offer it free to the internet masses. Just download the PDF version of Goodnight Forest Moon and assemble.

So great. May the Force be with you, Noah.

Are your kids into Star Wars?

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