Spring Dress Season is Swinging Into Town

Angela Frost swing dress ($37.60) from Best Dressed Kids
It's spring dress season!

Big news in my neck of the woods, where it was snowing just last Saturday, the chance to run outside with bare legs has my daughter so excited she's been "practicing" around our house.


Our new favorites are the swing dresses from Angela Frost ($33). The company sent one our way to try out, and the stretchy fabric (they're 80 percent nylon, 20 percent spandex) has proven a hit as she climbs over the couch, slips under the dining room table and makes a mad dash for the dog.

Remember the stiff dresses our parents bought us for Easter services, that made it hard to lift your arms? This isn't one of those.

The biggest concern for me when it comes to kids' clothes is always washability, and when I saw "machine washable" on the Angela Frost website, I'll admit I wasn't convinced. I usually shoot straight for cotton because it's guaranteed to survive my washing machine.

The good news: it survived the tumble through my front-loader for another day of swinging.

What qualities do you look for in your kids' clothes?

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