Reading Lamps for Kids -- Cause Reading in Bed Rocks!

swing arm LED lamp Minnen reading lampHenrik desk lamp

My 7-year-old is becoming a stronger reader every week. However, I keep waiting for him to hit that moment of complete reading bliss. I do know that his willingness to read on his own drastically improved when we got him a reading lamp -- the above Minnen Wall/Reading Lamp ($7.99) from IKEA -- and mounted it on the wall next to his top bunk bed.

Here are a bunch of simple but cool bedside reading lights for kids — elementary age on up to teen -- and they all come in under $35!


  energy star lamp        white paper lantern lamp   grandrich reading lamp

Reading lamps shown above:

(first row)

(second row)

Got any tips for encouraging your Big Kid to read more?

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