Strange Ways to Pick a Baby Names -- Put It to a Blog Vote?

close up of birth certificateMelissa Zimmerman is a Canadian photographer who, like a lot of us, is having trouble picking a baby name. So she wrote a post on her blog asking readers to offer suggestions for her unborn infant son, who is due in about two months.

The local paper picked up the story, and what she expected would result in handful of responses from a fairly small readership turned into nearly 100 comments offering several hundred names from conventional to unusual, including Dawnter, Pilgor, Titus and Ziggy.

Click here to see the full list of baby names.

She randomly picked a winner in her .Name My Baby and Win. contest and awarded the woman $50 in photography services.

The winning name: Cassidy.


Really great name. Strangely, though, Zimmerman wrote that "this does not guarantee that we will be naming our next child Cassidy but we will definitely take it into consideration. We have a very long list of names to help us choose the perfect one for ‘little peanut’ and will take our time deciding."

Is it just me, or wouldn't it have made more sense to award the prize to the person who suggested the name they end up choosing in the end?

People come up with some interesting ways to name their babies, but I could never imagine letting someone other than my husband and I pick the name. My friend did -- she gave her older son a short list and let him decide. He picked the name that happened to belong to one of his favorite sports stars.

Would you ever let somebody else pick a name for your baby, eitherchild, friend, family member or blog community?


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