Are Ouija Boards the Best Toy for 8 Year Olds?

I'm a pretty religious person, and my thinking is that if I believe there are good folks on one side of the line, there have to be bad folks on the other side of the line. It's one of the reasons I've never played with Ouija boards and won't let my children use one.

In case you've been living on another planet for the past five decades, Ouijas are flat board containing numbers, letters and symbols used to communicate with spirits.

I was in the toy store the other day and saw that Hasbro markets a pink Ouija board game for girls as young as 8 years old.

Some moms would tell me to get real, it's just a "harmless game," a form of "adolescent stupidity."


You can call me whatever you want, but when I hear stories like these, I stand resolute:

"When I was in the seventh grade, five girls and I played it and it was the scariest thing ever. The lights turned on and off, the candles we had lit blew out, and the pointer went in circles even with our hands off of it. My friend's mom made us throw it away, and the next morning it was laying at the end of my friends' bed. We never touched it again."

"My friends and I had weird things happen with it once. We were done playing with it (I was 11) and we had it between our sleeping bags with the pointer thing on it. The radio kept going on and off all by itself, even when we unplugged it. Lights flickered, then the pointer thing flew off the board (no one was touching it) across the room. Never touched one again."

Not going there, no thanks, bye.

Do you let your children play with Ouija boards?


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