MIL Makes Digs at Mom in Waiting Room as Baby is in a Coma -- About Her Lack of a Career


Hospital waiting room

As a mom, there's no real way to make everyone happy. Someone's always going to criticize you for doing things the wrong way -- or like one mom, for not going back to work. That's right. Her mother-in-law thought it was completely fine to butt in and put pressure on the mom to get a job but chose a moment of family crises as her moment to pass her opinion. "I still can't get over this," the mom explained.

  • Before she had her son, the Original Poster (OP) and her MIL were best buds.

    Or if not best buds, then really, really in a good place. 

    "Then [after the baby came] she turned into Judgey McPhee," the OP wrote on Reddit's r/JUSTNOMIL forum. "Anything and everything I did was wrong."

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  • As soon as her son turned 1, her MIL started laying it on thick.

    All she wanted was for the OP to go back to work.

    "We didn't need the money and frankly it was none of her business," the OP explained.

  • Her MIL would even go as far as to send her job ads.

    "Every time I saw her she would say 'have you found a job yet?'" she recalled.

  • But this slightly annoying behavior turned infuriating right quick after her son has an asthma attack in December.

    The asthma attack was so bad that her son was even put in an induced coma. 

    "He had been hospitalized a few times before with bronchitis, so when I called my fiancé at work that morning, he thought it would be like the other times" and he would come up after work.

  • She was all alone as the doctors intubated her son.

    Eventually her fiancé made his way to the hospital and the couple was then flown to a different hospital with their son. It was there that her mother and her MIL joined them.

    "MIL said to me 'why don't you become a nurse?'" she recalled.

    For one, the OP doesn't want to. Two, "it's literally impossible because nobody else could do daycare pick ups/drop offs."

  • Then MIL rolled her eyes and said "Excuses, excuses."

    But that only made the OP even angrier. 

    "Like seriously, my son is in a [expletive] coma and you're telling me to get a job?"

    "Anyway, my son is now doing great and has a preventer inhaler which really helps, and MIL has backed off with the whole get a job thing," she continued. "I have PTSD from that experience but am getting help for it."

  • The comments section was in disbelief over her MIL's behavior.

    "I’m sorry that happened, she sounds awful," one commenter wrote.

    "I would think your awful [Just No] MIL would be very thankful you can stay at home with your Little One, who has asthma!" someone else added.

    "You literally just described my situation with my JNMIL! My first baby was 1-month-old when she had to be intubated and my MIL started to make snarky comments like that too!" a third commenter shared. "She even had my SIL send me ads for jobs. And I'm like don't you understand my baby's need me right now."

    But luckily all's well that ends well. In an edit to her post, the OP shared that she and her MIL are now on better terms.

    "She is MUCH better now!" she wrote. "I just wanted to share the audacity of her saying this."