Couple Gets in a Huge Fight Over Peeing in Friend's Shower & Now the Internet Is Divided


Feet in shower

Is there anything more divisive than peeing in the shower? Some people swear that it's completely fine, while others (me) would never pee in the shower -- I mean, can't you just wait until your done to use the toilet? This became the hot topic of debate for a couple, when one woman admitted she'd peed in their friend's shower and her partner thought it was downright gross. 

  • The whole thing came to light when the couple was staying with some friends.

    In a letter to the Dear Prudence advice column, the anonymous Letter Writer shared that during a "casual conversation" they discovered their fiancée peed in their friends shower.

    "We had previously joked about my 'inability' to do so (I just can't bring myself to do it, although I understand the convenience), but I didn't expect she'd do it in someone else's house," the person wrote.

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  • The LW thought it was rude -- what if their friends are firmly anti-shower pee?

    Their partner said she thought they "probably were doing it." 

    "Admittedly, this ended up being true, and I think I've read that lots of people do it and that it's not actually unsanitary," the LW continued. "But I would never do it in someone else's shower without asking first, and I can't imagine asking first, so … I guess I just don't understand."

  • The LW thought the conversation was over, but for some reason the debate just keeps coming up.

    But that could be because they told their friends about the argument a few weeks later.

    "They thought it was hilarious and sided with my fiancée," the LW added. "Which is fine! But I still wouldn't do it in someone else's shower, even if I felt comfortable doing it at home."

  • But that left the LW wondering -- is everyone else in the world peeing in the shower but them?

    "So: Is it OK to pee in someone else's shower?" they wondered. "I don't know why I think this information matters, but it feels like it does: If you looked at us and had to guess which one of us pees in the shower, you would immediately guess me. We know this because in an informal friend survey, I was pinpointed 100 percent of the time."

  • Some commenters were DIS-gusted by the thought of peeing in the shower.

    "Would someone touch the inside of the toilet bowl with their feet even if it's washed with Clorox and it's just as clean as a shower floor? I don't think so," one person commented. "So yes, it is rude to pee in someone else's shower. How lazy does one have to be not to pee in the toilet a couple of feet away?"

    "Don't pee in any shower ever because it's gross," someone else wrote. 

    "Ugh who would piss in someone else's shower when there's a toilet a couple feet away? They'll never know, but it's needlessly disrespectful and gross," a third person agreed.

  • While other people thought that what you do in the shower is nobody's' business.

    "I always pee in the shower," someone else shared. "I would find it hysterical if someone asked permission to pee in my shower. Like go ahead, but why do you want to alert me to it? Are you gonna ask before you poop in the toilet, too?"

    "You do know pee is not a radioactive substance," someone else pointed out. "Normally it is sterile. Think of the water you save by not flushing the toilet. I really silly thing to fret about. Peeing in their sink is probably a no-no."

    Although we like how a third person put it:

    "They're never going to know. Whizz away," the commenter wrote.

  • While columnist Danny M. Lavery agreed that peeing in the shower isn't "the worst habit in the world."

    That doesn't mean peeing in the shower should be a free-for-all. 

    "And I hope you don't feel like you have to keep canvassing your friends about whether they pee in the shower or think you look like you would," he wrote. If the conversation goes from light-hearted to downright mean, Lavery advised the LW that they don't have to keep talking about it.

    "Now for my official ruling: It is more polite not to pee in someone else's shower than it is to pee in someone else's shower," he wrote. "That doesn't mean that you're a bad person if you accidentally spring a leak while taking a shower at a pal's house, simply that the former is clearly more polite than the latter," he wrote.

    "Unless you have the sort of friendship with your hosts where they regularly say things like, 'Hey, feel free to pee in my shower,' in which case, go with God," he added.