20 Moments of Pure #BlackJoy We Need to Celebrate

Mandy Velez | Jun 29, 2020 Being a Mom
20 Moments of Pure #BlackJoy We Need to Celebrate
Image: Good Housekeeping/Instagram

Good Housekeeping/Instagram

It is one thing to be allies to the Black community, through advocacy, shows, and teaching children about racism or buying from Black-owned businesses, but it is another to celebrate them, too. Both are required to defeat white supremacy and that is why we wanted to highlight moments of #BlackJoy, meaning, showing the moments of the Black community loving life and enjoying it. Because as advocates say, Black joy is also an act of resistance

Whether it's a cute dad and his baby, a graduation, or a fun dance (lots of fun dances) there are lots of moments of Black happiness to choose from. Some of them, like the viral videos and the weddings and dances, are overt examples, but sometimes the joy is subtle. It's loving one's Blackness or smiling at the small successes. Whatever form of Black joy it is, it deserves to be celebrated. After looking across Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, we found a lot of joy to go around. Take a look below.