Dad Almost Ends up in Serious Trouble When Toddler Tells Mom She Found a 'Bra' in His Car

face mask

Kids are honestly -- at their core -- the biggest trolls. Just when you think all they know are Daniel Tiger songs and what their favorite snack is -- and boom! -- they suddenly hit you with a whole paragraph they can't possibly be older enough to mutter. 

And sometimes that "grown" paragraph turns into one that can get you in trouble. At least that's what happened to one dad on Twitter

  • "My 4-y/o daughter tried to jam me up today," Twitter user @AngryManTV wrote back in June 2018. 

    The conversation essentially went like this: 

    "Kid: Mommy, why is your bra in daddy's car?

    Me: What!?

    The Mrs hit me wit a killer side eye. She ain't been in my car in weeks

    Me: Ain't no bra in my car!!

    Kid: Ya huh, cup thingie with straps"

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  • The whole family took a trip to the garage to see what the little girl was talking about and discovered the "bra" in question: 

    Clearly the little girl had mistaken the face mask for a bra, you know, the cup-strap-thingie we are all actually keeping in our cars right now. But considering the date of the tweet, we expect it was especially weird to see in the car then. Sigh.

    And while the dad maintains he still has nothing to hide, he was a little raw at how she tried to "snitch" on him. 

  • Clearly the tweet made everyone's day, and resurfaced for obvious reasons. 

    People were quick to remind the dad that his kid might out to get him. 

    "She was trying get you out the paint after only 4 years? She tired of you already bro," jokingly wrote a fellow user

  • Others reminded him that this could be a good opportunity for some good-natured blackmail. 

    Just remember little one, what goes around comes around ... mwahaha. There will definitely be a day when she wants dad to cover for her, and he might not be willing to do that.

  • Today we are pretty thankful for the internet for resurfacing this gem of a story. 

    And dads: Stay sharp. You may be the arbiter of tickle time and sneaker of snacks, but these kids know who the head of the household truly is.