Devastated MIL Insists Mom 'Needs' To Try for a Boy After Having 2 Girls


No matter what you decide to do when having kids, there's always going to be someone who has something to say about it. For one mom of two girls, that person is her mother-in-law, who won't stop bugging her to finally get down to business and have a baby boy. "Oh buddy," she wrote on Reddit, "I'm still annoyed."

Family with two daughters

  • Things got ugly during a FaceTime call to her MIL for her birthday.

    As she explained in the Reddit forum, r/JUSTNOMIL, everything started off normal. Her kids were ignoring grandma on the call because they're young and were playing and she was stuck giving her MIL "basic answers" to her questions without rolling her eyes.

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  • She let her MIL's "stupid comments" roll off her back. 

    Until her MIL said something particularly annoying.

    "Apparently everyone in the goddamn world thinks I 'need' a boy because I have two girls," she wrote.

  • For the second time since they started staying at home, her MIL told her that she needs to "try for a boy."

    "Like it's any of your god damn business lady," the mom wrote.

  • The truth is, the mom is happy with her family as is.

    She knows she doesn't want any more kids. "I’m preparing to get my tubes tied," she explained. 

    "Me and my partner have had the conversation he understands I can’t do it anymore (pregnancy sucks) and I’m happy with what we have," she wrote. "I’ve told him if he really feels like he needs to have more kids (he’s never said that he has always said a boy) he is welcome to find someone else and I would understand."

    "He gets it, we are good. It’s between us, right?" she wrote.

  • It just doesn't matter to the mom if her kids are boys or girls.

    All that she cares about are if her kids are happy and healthy, which they are.

    "I don't 'need' anymore kids because kids is not the sole purpose of my existence," she explained. "I don't 'need' to have a boy."

  • And besides, what's wrong with having two girls?

    It always bothered the mom when people told her she needed to have a son. 

    "Like having a girl isn’t good enough for you?" she wrote. "She isn’t good enough because she doesn’t have a penis? My life won’t be complete if I don’t have a boy? I’m sorry but that's absolute [expletive]."

    She even told this as much to her husband and he understood.

    "I'll be letting MIL hear it next time she decides to put her foot in her mouth," she continued. "[Expletive] was lucky it was her birthday."

  • Other commenters chimed in to say that the pressure to have a son is all too real.

    "I have four daughters, am in my mid 40's and [expletive] STILL ask me am I going to try again for a boy. Like WTF!" one person commented.

    "I hear you. I have two boys," someone else commented. "People who told me 'aren't you going to try for a girl?' got told 'Hell, No. That's how you get three boys.' People are weird."

    "My MIL did the same thing to me, at her daughter's baby shower, which I hosted at my house, with mostly my friends because Just No Sister-in-Law didn't have many of her own," a third woman wrote. "I was at that time, and still am, the mother of two fabulous daughters. MIL said she thought I needed to have one more baby, perhaps it would be a boy. I responded that her son didn't want anymore children (I'd asked, he'd declined). Her next question was, 'Why do you have to ask him?' Meaning that I should trick DH into a third pregnancy. My response put her immediately in her place: 'Because HE is in charge of the birth control!'"

  • And let's get real, even if mom tries for another baby, there's no guarantee that she'd have a boy.

    "My mom had four daughters and she has eight grandchildren -- seven are girls and there is one boy," the mom wrote later in the thread. Which just goes to show how useless it is to try to control the gender of your kids.

    The bottom line is that if mom and dad are happy, her MIL needs to be happy, too.