9 Little Ways to Make This The Summer We All Deserve (Even Though Things Are Different)


This summer is shaking out to be different than any in recent memory. With everything from vacation plans to childcare being far from the norm, it’s easy to forget about the silver linings. Sure, that big vacation might be off the table, along with (gulp) overnight camp, but don’t forget the upside: It’s still summer. No matter what, it’s the season of extra sunshine, fireflies, hammocks and a sweeter, slower pace. Here’s how to make sure you sprinkle the next few months with treats for yourself, even as you’re taking care of your gang.

  • 1. Bring the resort to you

    Guacamole, salsa, chicken fingers—it all tastes better when it’s served to you poolside, right? Evoke that special feeling by opting for a pretty plate and making a mini snack platter (adult drink optional), instead of grabbing a bag of chips to hang on the deck. Home can feel pretty great, too.

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  • 2. Nab some goodies & freebies

    Whether you’re stocking up on medicine cabinet staples online or shopping IRL these days, if you’re not earning free stuff, you’re not doing it entirely right. Thanks to P&G’s Good Everyday program, you can redeem points by buying the trusted essentials you’d be buying anyway (care for your skin, your nails, your home, your hair… literally everything) from tons of brands you already love, like Pantene, Dawn and more. Use those points towards treats like iced coffee, blowouts and fitness apps. Free swag and experiences in exchange for stuff you need—not bad, right?

  • 3. Go for a drive

    Map out a 45-minute drive somewhere scenic, grab your shades, and cue up a playlist of sunny tunes to keep your mood sky high. P&G’s Good Everyday program grants you access to things like music streaming services — perfect for on-the-road entertainment — simply by earning points for the everyday items you routinely buy. Because, really, any road tripper knows that a sunny soundtrack is everything.

  • 4. Make a bath your ritual

    Nightly perk of summer: It’s probably still light out when your kids are *finally* in bed, so seize the time by slapping on a luxe hair mask and reading a chapter in a new book on the patio. Plus, by scanning the receipt for that mask, you can earn points towards downloading that meditation app that you’ve been promising yourself you’re going to try. A bit of calm is never a bad thing. 

  • 5. Play like a kid

    Recreate the simple summertime things that made you laugh as a kid. Hook up the sprinkler and run through, or clear out the yard for an epic, muddy slip and slide. Then follow up the water fun with an outdoor picnic — P&G Good Everyday lets you earn points toward a pizza or take-out lunch. 

  • 6. Plan a spa date

    It’s important to stay connected to friends you can’t see in person, so get a little creative on how to socialize. Spend virtual quality time with your close friends by blocking out some time on your calendars and video chatting while you paint your nails. (Extra credit if you crack open a bottle of bubbly, too.) Because, sure, your mani may reap the benefits, but your soul will feel great, too.

  • 7. Give a little, get a little

    Helping another creature (animals very much included!) is a treat for you, as well. And you don’t have to block off a day to volunteer in order to reap those warm-and-fuzzy vibes. Giving back is easy with P&G’s Good Everyday program, which lets you make a donation to a cause of your choice (like saving the sea lion pups) every time you scan a receipt. Do good, feel good, right?

  • 8. Get hotel-quality sheets

    The feeling of fresh, cool sheets isn’t something you should experience only at a hotel. Up your sleep game by buying a new set and keep them smelling lovely by washing in a delicate detergent. And if you need a little extra incentive to get out of that ultra-comfy bed come morning, the iced coffee rewards you can rack up through P&G Good Everyday certainly help.

  • 9. Take a one-day staycation

    Rather than stressing over your non-vacation, take one that looks a little different. Use your accrued hours and commit to turning off your cell phone, luxuriating with a book or magazine, and watching a movie you’ve always meant to see. Even better, let your kids have their own movie night, complete with popcorn and treats, in another room — because stay-cationing together doesn’t have to mean you’re together all the time! 

    By Leah Melby Clinton

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