Parents Force Adopted Child To Go Vegan After Biological Kid Demands It & People Think It's Abuse



Deciding to commit to a vegan lifestyle take a lot of diligence. Converting an entire household to veganism is a noble effort ... so long as everyone is actually on board.

One woman expressed how in support of her bio-daughter, she wants to convert the whole house to veganism, but her younger adoptive daughter isn't OK with it.

  • A mom shared on Reddit that she is a bio-parent to a "lovely" 15-year-old girl and she and her husband adopted a 13-year-old girl three years ago. 

    "There was not a single problem at that time, I think everyone was a just a little stressed because it was a big change," the mom wrote. "But now there is a lot of troubles in our family. Our bio daughter has been vegan for 4 months and we have chosen to become vegan as well to support her in her convictions as we believe it is an important step in her adolescent life.

    "However, this situation has created a lot of tension as our adopted daughter doesn't want to follow her sister in this journey," the mom continued. "Our bio daughter has been pressuring us to force our adopted daughter to go vegan as well since she doesn't want any animal product in the house. We agreed to stop buying it because it makes her sick just to know that there is some in the house."

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  • However, the adopted daughter had some reservations about this drastic lifestyle change. 

    "This doesn't sit well with our adopted daughter, who doesn't want to go vegan, but we already promised our bio daughter to go full vegan with her as a family," she explained. "We plan to force everyone to eat vegan from now on as our daughter's well-being is the most important thing to us. We hope that this tension disappears with time, but if it doesn't, we don't really know how to handle the adopted daughter. We tried to let them discuss this between girls, but it became very heated."

  • It upset their adoptive daughter so much, she went to stay at a friend's house, so the parents siezed the opportunity. 

    "While she was away, we made the shift to the vegan diet," wrote the mom. "When she comes home, she will have to comply to the new diet. We spoke with some friends and their reactions were mixed, some supporting us while others found it unnecessary. Would we be the [expletive] if we forced her to go vegan to maintain the peace in our family?"

  • Reddit users thought this story had several red flags in it. 

    "What your daughter (adopted or not) eats is entirely up to her. You are clearly, clearly, favoring one daughter over the other, and the fact that she's adopted shouldn't even have been mentioned," chided one user.

    "How many more times, I wonder, have you put the bio-kid first without caring a whit about what the other child thinks?" the person added. "Bio-kid is going to end up one of those obnoxious holier-than-thou vegans that everyone hates, and adopted daughter is going to end up going no-contact with you when she's grown. I'm not honestly sure if you even care though."

  • People also noted that they were doing their bio-daughter a total disservice. 

    "But she's got to learn she can't dictate the diet of everyone around her," another user warned. "You have to nip this stuff in the bud. If she goes off to college thinking she can force everyone around her to go vegan life is not gonna be easy on her. Better to enforce boundaries now while you can."

  • Others picked up on the subtle dig the mom threw at their adoptive child. 

    "'Our daughter's well-being is the most important thing to us' -- You went to the bother of adopting a daughter and you openly admit that she is second on your priorities," one flabbergasted user asked. "They are BOTH your DAUGHTERS... PLURAL! That sentence should never be typed or spoken by someone with adopted children. Why on earth did you bother 'adopting' her if you were not going to treat her 100% equal?"