Man Mistakes Future MIL in the Shower for His Bride During Surprise ‘Fun Time’ Gone Horribly Wrong



Now that we're all staying at home, some of us have decided to bunk up with relatives who we wouldn't normally spend quite so much time with -- i.e., our in-laws and extended family. People want to be able to see their loved ones while waiting to see how the coronavirus pandemic shakes out, but spending this much time with people we normally wouldn't has resulted in some embarrassing incidents. For example, one man accidentally got in the shower with his future mother-in-law thinking that it was his bride-to-be.

  • It all started off with the best intentions. 

    The original poster (OP) and his fiancée didn't want her mom to be alone while everyone's under staying at home orders, so they invited her to stay with them. As he explained online, at first it was awkward. "But she's good company, and [we] passed the awkward stage within two days," he wrote.

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  • That is, until he woke up one morning and heard the shower running.

    When he woke up, his fiancée wasn't in bed. He put two and two together and figured she had gone to take a shower.

    "Feeling a bit frisky, I decided to join her and maybe play around a bit," he wrote.

  • He stripped down and hopped into the shower.

    "I opened the door and the speakers in the bathroom were playing music and then it hit me," he wrote. "Maybe I should tiptoe in and seductively start kissing her from behind like in the movies."

  • But sometimes the steamy things we see in movies don't necessarily translate into real life.

    The OP reached behind his fiancée and wrapped his arms around her. She screamed.

    The OP burst out laughing, "and said in a deep voice, 'It's just me, baby' and tried again."

  • But it wasn't his fiancée he was grabbing onto.

    One guess who it was.

    "It was only when she shouted my name and told me to get the [expletive] out, I realized that it was actually her mother," he recalled with shame. "Since I'm an idiot, I just stood there for about five seconds just staring at her as she covered herself before apologizing and running out."

    In his defense, his future MIL and fiancée "look like sisters."

    "Her mother doesn't age at all, and they share the same hair color and body type (for lack of a better word)," he explained.

  • Now the OP is sitting shamed-faced in his car.

    He's still trying to understand where things went so, so wrong. Mainly, why was his future MIL in his shower and where in the world was his fiancée?

    "So that's my life right now and I don't know how I'll live through this," he wrote.

  • Some people thought the OP needed to hit the road. There was no way he was going to live this one down.

    "Leave, start a new life somewhere else with a new name," one person wrote.

    "You need to restart your life, my friend," someone else agreed.

    "My toes actually cramped curling so hard at this level of cringe," a third person wrote. "You are literally never going to hear the end of this OP."

  • Realistically, however, he couldn't just up and leave.

    Hours later, he decided it was time to face the music, so he went back inside. When he walked in, they were both on the couch.

    "I first went up to kiss my fiancée and greet her but she sort of turned her cheek as I came (I was bloody sweating bricks at this point) and said something around the lines of 'So my mother says you two had quite the morning,'" he remembered.

    Terrified, he started to stutter out his side of the story.

    "When all was said, they both kind of looked at each other then broke into laughter," he wrote. 

  • It was all a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    They explained to the OP that his future MIL's shower had terrible pressure that morning, so his fiancée told her she could use theirs.

    Now, things are back to normal -- and by normal we mean awkward. The OP and his future MIL can't look each other in the eye, and his fiancée is clearly freaked that her mom and fiancé saw each other naked "and also that I didn't realize it wasn't her sooner." 

    The OP concluded, "Needless to say, I'll never surprise my fiancée in the shower ever again."