Illinois Mom of 6 Accidentally Flashes Boobs & 'Coronabush' to Daughter's Entire Classroom

Meghan Maza Oeser/Facebook

towel dropping mom
Meghan Maza Oeser/Facebook

People, check on us parents -- especially those of us homeschooling. We are not OK!

I hedge my bets, however, that none of us have had quite as bad of an experience as mom of 6, Meghan Maza Oeser. In a hilarious and cringey post, the mom shared how it came to pass that one of her children's teachers got an up close and personal look at, well, everything.

  • Oeser started out by saying how her "patience" before e-learning was a thing was very strong. " I decided SIX children...was a good idea. It was not."

    Meghan Maza Oeser/Facebook

    "Not with this Google classroom crap," the mom candidly wrote in her Facebook post. "I can no longer. I’d go ahead and normally call myself a semi-tech savvy person. Not today. I am no longer savvy. I am now a day drinker. I’m done."

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  • After six hours of e-learning, she decided to end her "7 day streak of wearing the same sweatpants" with a shower. And that's when the trouble began. 

    "So I shower...and reach for my favorite towel," she explained. "Y’all shop Costco? Ever stumble across their amazing 8 foot long bath sheets? They’re HUGE, and soft...and wash up like a dream. Let me go ahead and tell you why they’re not for me though...You guys know what happens to a super huge a** heavy towel draped over the body of someone that could pretty much represent the Lollipop Guild? It slips."

    P.S. This is where I just have to say, I think I'm in love wit this woman.
  • After taking her shower, wrapped towel secured, she sat and looked out the window watching her kids do "PE" (aka a TikTok video) when it happened.

    "A kid walks in. I won’t say which kid, but it was a kid that KNOWS how absolutely birdbrained her next move was. Comes AT me...with her phone...her PHONE...facing ME."

    Oh God. 

    "Comes AT me...with her phone...her PHONE...facing ME."

  • We can all see where this is going, right?

    Meghan Maza Oeser/Facebook

    She hears her kid whisper:

    “How do I end this?”

    End what you ask? The live Google Hangout -- with her entire class.

    "So there I am, heavy towel...that fell around my waist with my 40 something year old titties staring Mrs. Definitelygonnaneedsometherapyafterthis RIGHT in the face!"

    And friends, it gets so much worse from there. 

    "And since my brain, now misfiring in every direction as to what in tactual-F to do next, is completely cashed out from e-learning,I stand up to flip her phone to the ceiling...and casually then don my late 70’s Coronabush™️."

  • Luckily there were no repercussions from the little "incident," Oeser tells CafeMom.

    "I received an email from her shortly after with the subject 'I'm Sorry'" she tells us. "She had nothing to do with it."

    And now that she's a few days removed from it she's "oddly" at peace with it.

    "I feel as if I’ve had WAY worse happen before," she says.

    All in all, this harebrained incident provided a lot of laughs with few bad fallouts. Her post was shared over 86,000 times, and the comments section was bursting with laughing emojis. 

    Thank you for sharing this gem with the world, mama. It is the laugh we needed.