A Message to Our Fellow Moms

mom hugging baby

Perhaps you're sitting at your computer screen as sticky hands claw at your barely buttoned top, demanding your attention. Maybe you're sneaking a peek at your phone as you try for the 100th time this month to explain common core to your third grader. Or possibly you're crying in your pantry, hoovering M&Ms. 

We're not judging you because we are you. 

And right now, things are hard. Wether you're in the trenches of the ER or trying to figure out how to pay your next bill. And on top of it all, you're trying to be a rock for your kids. The days that end in too much TV or screaming matches over dinner can make you feel like you're failing. In fact, we think you're a great mom. 

Don't believe us? Them maybe you'll listen to the collection of men and women we pulled together to remind you. From everyday mamas to singers and actresses, we want you to know that you're a great mom and that you've got this.

And should you ever need a reminder, just play this on loop.

We're in this together.

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