Mom's Hilarious 'Hack' for Getting Kids To Leave Her Alone During Work Meetings Is Brilliant


warning sign

The homeschool and work from home struggle we are all in is real. Balancing a full work day and a full school day is so tough, and now that we're all in about week three of it, we're trying to establish boundaries where we can.

One mom on Reddit decided to do just that while giving us all the laugh we needed. 

  • The clearly over it "mum" was having issue with interruptions from her kids during the day. So she posted this handy guide on her office door. 

    In addition to warning her kids about staying out of her office during her meeting hours, the mom generously provided "answers" to their likely questions. Retorts included "I don't know what's for dinner" and a simple yet poignant "No."

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  • Although we're all aware this will barely ward off our curious spawn, it's still pretty funny.

    Can't blame a mom for trying to get a little peace while she gets work done, can you? After all, any minutes we can deter little ones (and even partners) are precious and sacred, and we have to do what we can to get by.

  • Moms and dads everywhere were tickled at the idea of putting up this sign. 

    "99% of questions teenagers ask can be answered on that paper," commiserated one parent who is clearly aware of the struggle. 

    Others offered up additions to the response chart that were pretty universally felt too. 

    "I have two kids, 6 and 8. If you add ‘I don’t care who hit who first’ and ‘write it on the shopping list’, you’ve got me covered," wrote another.

  • It also inspired many to recall the days of yore where their own parents often told them when it was OK to interrupt them, isolation or not.

    "My mom has the 3 B rule," one person wrote. "Is it broken, bleeding, or burning? If not it can wait; if it falls under the 3 B then you can interrupt what she was doing. Otherwise wait until she can get to you." 

    Another offered a tried and true: "Bored? Find something to do, or I will."

    Ah, the good old days.

  • It's important to remember that none of us have this whole thing completely figured out yet. 

    Whether you need to put up a sign, stick them in the play pen for a bit, or need a minute to just walk away, you're not in the wrong. We're all in this mess together.