Kid's 'Solution' to No Toilet Paper Has Parents Repulsed -- But Not Surprised


poop mark

Kids are famous for making messes. I'm not sure how, but when a toddler walks into a room, somehow stains gravitate to them and show up all over the place. Sometimes it is simple stuff like water all over the floor or a spot of chocolate on their face.

And then, something like this happens.

  • A Redditor posted this gem after they discovered their kid scooted all the way down the steps on their unwiped bare bottom.

    "No toilet paper? No problem," the parent captioned this horrifying and hilarious photo. 

    The photo struck fear, disgust, and a few chuckles into the hearts of parents everywhere. 

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  • It's hilarious and horrifying, considering it is a reality that can strike for nearly any parent. 

    "Now that’s a skidmark!" joked one commenter. 

    "At least they’ve got their [expletive] straight," quipped another. 

    Because the truth is, you have to laugh or all you're going to do is cry in situations like that.

  • Many single and child-free folk noted this was the ultimate affirmation for not having kids.

    Honestly just looking at this photo? Can't say anyone could blame them! The thought of this cleanup as a mom even makes my heart hurt for this parent.

  • Though the original post left a lot to the imagination, the parent cleared up the story behind it deeper in the thread. 

    "My daughter is one of those kids who would rather die than poop, so she was on Miralax to help make things easier for her," she wrote. "She would still hold it in until she couldn’t anymore, resulting in some really massive [expletive]." 

    Usually, the parent could see it coming and get her to the potty before it became an issue, but this one happened during/right after her nap. and I was on the main floor. The little girl was just under 2 at the time and not completely potty trained yet when she was awoken by the need to go.

    "She had enough sense to tell me right away, but instead of calling out to me from her room, she came scooting down the stairs to find me. This was the result. Luckily (and unluckily), this was brand new, stain-resistant carpet."