Parents Are Pranking Their Kids With the #PoopChallenge & We're Grateful for the Laugh


If this global situation has taught us anything, it is that spending and inordinate amount of time with your family forces you to find ways to keep it interesting. To keep kids on their toes, parents have invented a funny, slight gross, viral challenge that is sweeping the Twittersphere after, erm, exploding on TikTok. What is it you ask? My fellow parents, I give you the #PoopChallenge.

  • Here's how it works:

    All you need to do is take a seat on the toilet and yell for your of-age kid to get you a roll of toilet paper. When they inevitably come up with one, have peanut butter or chocolate pudding ready. As you go to grab the roll, wipe a little on their hands and feign a lot of regret.

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  • This gloriousness will ensue:

    Her reaction in this video runs the gauntlet of emotions, and honestly, I can't blame her. I mean, if I had what I believed to be a human adult's poop on my hand, I don't think I'd have a better response.

  • However, you should probably be prepared for an array of reactions. 

    This little boy was so freaked out, his first reaction was to wipe it on himself and the walls before you know, heading to the sink.

  • But who knows? You may get this heart-melting response instead. 

    This little girl is a future mother. Chill about poop and has a ton of patience? She was made for the job!

  • There were some who felt the prank was a little inappropriate ...


    Admittedly, sometimes these prank challenges go too far. Overall, this one seems to be received with a lot of laughter (and a ton of relief when it's realized that it was just food and not poop).

    Listen, you have to laugh or all you'll do is cry.