Parent Shares Picture of Snack 5-Year-Old 'Left' for Them & We Feel Seen


snack crumbs

Remember when you were pregnant and everyone kept telling you to gobble up extra portions because you were "eating for two?" It's kind of funny how that honestly never stopped, except now your little food buddy is literally taking the regular portions practically right out of your mouth.

It's a struggle any parent can relate to: When it comes to food, what's yours is theirs, and they'll never let you forget it.

  • That's why everyone is cracking up over the photo this parent shared of the snack their 5-year-old left for them. 

    The parent simply captioned the photo of crumbs in a snack bowl with  '5-year-old said she had "left me a little.'"

    And truly, how accurate is that when you are sharing anything from breakfast to s snack with a small kid?

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  • Parents replied that they felt that deep in their souls. 

    "Asked my kid for a taste of his ice cream come once," recalled one parent. "He gave me one sprinkle."

    Though there were a few users who were ready to rush to her defense.

    "I mean she’s not wrong. If you don’t want it I’m sure she was ready to lick it clean."

    I mean ... true.

  • Let's get real: That's not the only quirk kids have about food. In a separate thread, someone dimed their nephew out over his "pickiness."

    "My nephew won’t eat the 'crust' on his Uncrustables," the person captioned the photo

    Others chimed in about how criminal it was to do this to a beloved frozen classic. 

    "The crimp is the best part. I used to smush all my PB&J'S to imitate it," one "offended" user responded. 

    Though some rushed to his defense: "To be fair, the crimp on those things is like cardboard. Really nasty. I don't blame him at all."
  • The moral of the story? If you have a snack within the radius of a child, expect it to be "shared" or totally stolen. 

    Why do you think there are so many of us shoveling food into our mouths in the darkened corners of pantries?