Man Refuses to Let Pregnant Woman 'Cut' In Front of Him After She Barges Into Men's Bathroom


men's room

Ask any pregnant woman and she will tell you one of the most touch-and-go parts of pregnancy was her bladder. She'd be bumpin' along when suddenly, wham! baby shifted and it felt like a 2 ton boulder was pressing on her bladder. When you're pregnant and you gotta go, you gotta go now

But when one pregnant woman rushed to cut a spot in line for a chance to pee, one male coworker with some intestinal issues wasn't having it. And now he wants to know if it was "messed up" of him to deny the pregnant woman first access to the stall. 

  • "I ate something that really didn’t agree with me ... and have been having digestion issues all last night and this morning," shared the Redditor.

    He explained that when nature eventually called at work, he found himself waiting in the men's bathroom for the next available stall. Just as he was about to take care of business, a pregnant coworker burst in, and tried to push past him to get in the stall. 

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  • "So I said I was next and went in before her," he wrote. 

    The mom-to-be pleaded her case that the women's room was entirely full. 

    But our Redditor wasn't moved. 

    "I said sorry, but there’s nothing I can do. I did my business and I heard her leave I probably took 5-7 minutes, not too long."

    When he left the bathroom, he discovered his co-workers learned of the encounter and were calling him "rude" for treating a pregnant person that way. Now he genuinely wants to know if he did anything wrong. 

  • Surprisingly, a lot of people were on the poster's side. 

    "Commenting as a pregnant woman myself," established one reader. "Absolutely not okay for her to barge in and think she has the right to use the mens restroom and before the next person in line. Even more so in the workplace." 

  • Many others chimed in, noting that being pregnant doesn't give you any special rights. 

    "You were literally in the men's restroom, and it was your turn next. She needs to understand boundaries. Also, is there also a urinal in the men's restroom? Because if so that makes it even more entirely inappropriate for her to barge in like that."

    Others commented that there weren't sure why pregnant women felt they deserved to be "treated like princesses." 

  • But there were a few who were slightly empathetic. 

    "I'm not arguing that pregnant women should be treated like princesses, but they do have special urinary needs...They have a large object pressing against their bladder; their bladder capacity is small. Meanwhile, they need to remain hydrated, and their kidneys are producing urine, but there really isn't anywhere to put it, so they have to go to the bathroom a lot. When I was pregnant, I lived in a one bathroom house with two other people, and I peed in the backyard a lot because I Could Not Wait."

    Although this is 100% factually correct about pregnant women (I can personally attest) the general consensus seemed to be that the original poster was totally within his rights.