Woman Left Husband In Charge of Putting Away Groceries & His 'Man Fail' Is Too Good

tampx in the pasta cabinet

In 2020, more households are leaning toward dividing things evenly. When both parents work, both believe they need to split the household responsibilities. One cooks, the other cleans up. One does drop off, the other handles pick up. 

But this modern arraignment doesn't necessarily mean all participating parties will do these jobs equally well. One wife found this out the "hard" way when she set her husband to the task of putting away the groceries she just shopped for.

  • Spot anything wrong with this stocking blunder?

    "I went grocery shopping and my husband put everything away ... it's a blue box so it must be pasta," she jokingly posted.

    In case you missed it, that's a box of Tampax in the pantry with all the other boxes of pasta.  Because isn't that where we all store our tampons, right next to the penne?

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  • The poor unsuspecting husband was absolutely roasted on Reddit. 

    "I like my tampons al dente and throw them against the wall to see if they stick," wrote one snarky commenter. 

  • The womb jokes just kept coming and did not disappoint. 

    "The pasta for Ovarian Soup," declared one user in the thread. 

    "I tried making a lasagna, but it just absorbed all the blue water I poured on it," quipped another. 

    Not everyone, though, saw an issue with the placement of the box. 

    "It's for when you're on the Ragu," explained one user.

    Well, duh!

  • The best part was other men confessing to their own grocery storage blunders.

    "I once put away the new lube my girlfriend wanted to try," explained one clueless boyfriend. "She mixed the pharmacy stuff with groceries. 2 weeks later right there where I thought it needed to be. Dessert pantry. Me: 'It said coconut!'"

    Another wife dimed her husband out too: "Reminds me of the time my sweet husband thought the 'chai' scented melts for a wax warmer were some type of actual tea."

    Can't really blame him there. 
  • This is the wholesome entertainment we needed for the day. 

    Husbands; bless their sweet hearts.