4 Creative Ways To Turn A Spare 5 Minutes Into Quality "Me Time"



Being a parent can be totally exhausting. If there’s one thing every mom wishes they had more of, it’s time. Once you become a parent, you’re busy all the time — with playtime, meal time, bathtime, and bedtime, there’s no time for “me time.” Alone time is a thing of the past; kids go with you everywhere (even the bathroom!). But every so often, you find you have five minutes to yourself… instead of just wasting that time looking through your phone, turn those few minutes into quality “me time.” Here are some tips on how to do that!

  • 1. Get some fresh air

    While your kids are safely occupied, step outside for just a minute. Close your eyes and breathe in the fresh air, allowing your senses to take in everything around you. Can’t leave your children alone? Open a window for a moment to get the same experience.

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  • 2. Embrace nap time

    When your kids are napping, give yourself a chance to nap as well (and don’t feel guilty over getting some much-needed rest!)

  • 3. Turn cleaning into a dance party

    Next time you’re cleaning the house, put on some headphones and your favorite dance music and rock out for a few minutes!

  • 4. Make time for playtime


    When your kids are enjoying playtime, settle in for a few minutes of mommy playtime with your Nintendo Switch system! 

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