Mom Poses With Portrait Her Daughter Drew of Her & the Resemblance Is ... Uncanny



When our kiddos are able to hold a crayon for the first time, it marks the beginning of an endless stream of art projects. Every parent has drawers, binders (and admittedly, even trash cans) full of our kids' masterpieces. Even though it might be a tad annoying finding a home for everything, it can lead to some endearing and downright funny work. 

The best kind of works children produce have to be the ones where they show their depictions of us. They are absolutely pure and drawn with no malice, but man can it be jarring to see those exaggerated features we might not have realized what we had.

  • One Reddit mom leaned into it and posed with a portrait her daughter created, adding a few IRL "enhancements" to highlight the shocking similarities.

    After the mom donned insane outlined eyebrows, crayon thick lashes, and a gob of smeared lipstick, we're pretty sure her daughter super #nailedit. 

    "My kid did this portrait of me over 10 years ago," the mom hilariously captioned the photo. "I still look the same, IMO."

    (P.S. We love how the kid savagely included dark circles under her mama's eyes in the portrait. If that ain't real, we don't know what is.)
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  • People absolutely lost it on Reddit over this thread. 


    The comments range from people simply cracking up to sweet and sentimental anecdotes. 

    "I see you have lost one eye lash over your left eye," one commenter joked.

    Others related to the savagery pretty hard.

    "Kids are so hilarious. My friends little girl, has her daddy’s ears, bless her heart. One day she’s doodling and shows me the picture she drew of me and her - big [expletive] ears and all."

  • Others noted just how special it was this mom kept it after all these years. 


    "I do custom framing and honestly a parent's love and pride of their children's art is where we get most of our biggest sales," shared another Redditor. "They often come in with a few pieces and leave having spent about 1,000-1,500 or more depending on how many bells and whistles they added. My parents weren't the type to have our art up but it would have been nice so its nice to see that these parents want to show their appreciation of the gifts their kids made for them. Even if you just frame it with something off the shelf, putting it on the wall can be very impactful and encouraging for kids."

  • According to BoredPanda, her daughter got a kick out of her mom's post when she found out about it. 

    “[There was] the usual eye roll at first, but she did get a good laugh and took a screenshot of Reddit to share with her friends. They all pretty much expect this sort of nonsense from me,” she wrote.

  • Lady, this mom thing? You're super doing it right. 

    Thanks for making today a little brighter with your silliness!