20 Moms Reveal the Little Things That Make Them Happy

Nicole Pomarico | Feb 19, 2020 Being a Mom
20 Moms Reveal the Little Things That Make Them Happy
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mom and daughter having breakfast

Let's face it: Being a mom can be super stressful -- some times more than others. But what most busy, tired moms can agree on? The fact that it's always worth it, especially when we consider all of the smaller moments that add up to truly making life with kids even more wonderful than life without them (despite the sleepless nights and inevitable tantrums). Yes, as a mom, self-care is incredibly important, but it's not always easy to come by. Sometimes, we need a little help remembering the positives!

Recently, we spoke to 20 moms who all divulged their favorite little things that make them smile. From having husbands who go above and beyond, to sharing sweet, unexpected moments with the kids, to a hot cup of coffee, these moms have found exactly what brings them joy -- and most of the time, that joy exists in small gestures that are easy to pass on to someone else and experience again and again.

If there's anything we can learn from this list, it's that no matter how hard things can get, these smaller moments have the potential to turn our whole days around -- even the kind of days where everyone is crying and nap time never materializes. 

We've got this, and even on the bad days, there are so many little things to smile about.

  • The Best Part of a Day Off 

    mom and child sleeping

    "I usually work weekends, but have every other Sunday off. My hubby will get our son up on the Sundays I'm off and since his room is across the hall, I get to hear him say, 'Mommy home?' -- Danielle L. 

    There are few better things than getting to hear a little one who's excited to find out if their mom is around or not!

  • The Sweetest Compliment 

    mom and daughter

    "When my two year old daugther says, 'Mommy! You're so cute!' out of nowhere. I know she hears me say it to her enough." -- Tiffany S. 

    They really are listening to everything we say and do and paying so much attention -- and if a compliment makes them feel good, it's so sweet to hear them do the same for us. 

  • Letting Mommy Sleep

    woman sleeping

    "When our 2.5 year old son wakes up in the morning and I hear my husband say 'ssh, let mommy sleep!' as they quietly walk out of the room and shut the bedroom door softly." -- Megan V.

    Yes, the rare occasion we get to sleep in is always amazing, but knowing that the husband and kid are teaming up to make it happen is truly priceless. 

  • Precious Laughter 

    laughing little girl

    "I love just hearing my daughter laugh. She has such an infectious personality and brings a light to those she's around. I get happy thinking of how she'll be in the future." -- Colleen M.

    Hearing our kids laugh is definitely one of the sweetest sounds in the world, but knowing how they'll bring their light to brighten others' days just makes it all the more special.

  • Warm Hugs

    mom and child hugging

    "When my two year old son gives me the warmest of hugs and says, 'I wove you mommy.' There's nothing in the world that compares to either of those things." -- Rachael R. 

    Getting a huge hug from a toddler is one of the best things ever... and so is hearing them say they love us. These little acts of love can go such a long way.

  • Already Reading

    baby reading

    "My one and a half year old daughter LOVES books. Drops a book at my feet, throws arms up to 'hold me,' so I read to her. What makes me smile is catching her 'reading' books to herself in gibberish baby babble." -- Brittni W.

    There's no such thing as a baby who's too young to read, and instilling that love of books from an early age really can create a lifelong reader.

  • Extra Help From Mom

    mom, daughter, grandma

    "When my mom comes over just to see the kids and do my dishes 'cause I'm always behind on housework. Or when my babies (three and one) give each other big hugs." -- Lacey P.

    There's nothing like a bond between mother and child, and sometimes, we still need our moms to come help us out when the kids are keeping us super busy. Small gestures like that mean so much!

  • Movie Night

    boys watching a movie

    "Nights when our four year old will lay on the couch with me and actually watch a whole movie (thank you Disney+) and mornings that my in laws keep our four year old daughter for the night and my husband and I can lay in bed for an hour after waking up and eat breakfast at 10 am in peace and quiet. Those little breaks are so appreciated!" -- Mackenzie S. 

  • Parenting Teamwork

    dad changing diapers

    "When my husband has coffee made for me when I wake up. Also, when he takes care of all the poopy diapers on the weekends since he works full time and I home with my one and a half year old and also almost four months pregnant." -- Katie P.

    Teamwork makes the dream work -- especially for expecting mamas with busy toddlers.

  • Hitting Those Milestones

    baby girl crawling

    "I am at my happiest when I get to see my son hit a new milestone or benchmark. When he rolled over for the first time I cried. When he laughed for the first time I cried. I'm just a ball of messy joy every time he does something new." -- Baylee T.

    Nothing like seeing all that hard work (and those sleepless nights) pay off! 

  • Coffee's Ready

    mom with coffee

    "That every single morning when I come downstairs my husband has my coffee waiting on me, despite not being a coffee drinker. It may seem like a small gesture, but I appreciate it." -- Chrissy R. 

    It takes so little, but sometimes the tiniest gestures like this can mean the most -- especially when coffee is involved!

  • A Little Consideration

    mom with kid from school

    "When I pick my four year old daughter up from school and the first thing she asks is 'How was your class today, mama?'" -- Tara S.

    Another example of the little ones learning from what we do and how we treat them, and it all pays off in the most beautiful of ways.

  • Help From Friends


    "When friends recognize the hard weeks of parenting and send me coffee on them!" -- Ashley H. 

    This isn't a bad thing to get in the habit of doing for any parent friends we all might have. After all, it's super easy (and inexpensive) to send over a little Starbucks gift card that will probably (definitely) make their day.

  • Rocking Away

    mom in rocking chair

    "When my two year old and three month old fall asleep on my lap while rocking them. There's no place in the world I'd rather be than in that moment. Feeling their peace and knowing they're safe in my arms." -- Kristen T. 

    There's something so special about feeling that kind of peace, isn't there?

  • A Little Bit of Thanks

    mom and daughter

    "My daughter telling me, 'Thank you for all you do, Mommy.'" -- Morgan R. 

    We all know that there's nothing moms won't do for their kids, but so much of it goes totally unrecognized, especially when the kids are still very little. But these small words of appreciation always mean so much. They're noticing!

  • Sibling Love

    siblings hugging

    "When you get to see the love between your kids." -- Jenna R.

    Bringing another child into the family can be stressful, and oftentimes it can change the dynamic between a mom and her kids. But all the transition and hard work are totally worth it once the time comes to finally see that sibling bond unfold.

  • Cheer Up Squad


    "When I'm having a hard day and my daughter looks at me and says 'Mama, you look so beautiful." -- Jacqueline U.

    Somehow, no matter how bad a day might be, our kids always have the power to turn the whole thing around, and with comments like this, they almost always do.

  • The Best Start to the Day

    woman taking a shower

    "When you get to take a hot shower without any disruptions." -- Claire H. 

    Taking a hot shower is a hard thing to come by -- especially with little ones. But when it actually gets to happen, those few minutes of privacy and self-care can mean everything (and set a positive tone for the entire day).

  • Missing Mama

    mom and baby with crib

    "When my one year old wakes up from her nap and I go in her room to get her and she gives me a hug and says 'I missed you!'" -- Amanda D.

    Kids are always super forthcoming about their feelings, and sometimes, it's the absolute best to hear them share their love for us like this without holding anything back.

  • A Little Break

    woman relaxing outside

    "My husband offered to take our daughter out for a couple hours so I could have the house to myself." -- Christina S. 

    Having alone time becomes almost impossible once kids are in the picture, but having a supportive partner can help us get those few hours of time to ourselves when we need it the most.

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