My Husband & I Embrace the Cheesiness of Valentine's Day & Love Every Second of It

Jenny Erikson

Jenny Erikson

Valentine's Day is this week, which means there are a lot of people out there groaning about it. Somehow this holiday that's meant to celebrate love has gotten a bad rap for being too cheesy, or too much of a "Hallmark holiday." But you know what? I love Valentine's Day and celebrating it in all its ooey-gooey cheesy glory.

  • Why do people get so down about having a day to celebrate love?

    Of course, I've heard the excuse that every day should be a day to celebrate love, which I don't disagree with. But what's the idea behind criticizing those who like having a special day to recognize it? 

    We like that there's a designated day to encourage us to stop and smell the cliched red roses that probably cost too much because it's February. Also, isn't it common knowledge that all chocolate eaten from a heart-shaped box on February 14 has zero calories? What's not to love?

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  • It's not just about romantic love, either. 

    In our house, everyone gets in on it. Our kids love making valentines for each other and their friends, and we love getting little gifts for them. We generally try to avoid the restaurant crowds by making a special dinner together at home and taking turns telling what we love most about one another. 

  • Even when I was a single mom, I loved Valentine's Day.

    I was a single mom to two girls for years before my second husband (and two more daughters) entered the picture, and I loved making the day special not just for my kiddos, but for myself as well. I'd get them special little treats and flowers, and use the opportunity to remind them that we all have love in our lives, even if it's not what we might have pictured.

    And I'd usually get some fancy wine for myself (we're talking like a $12 bottle -- the good stuff), put on a movie like Notting Hill or 27 Dresses, and simultaneously dream of the day Mr. Right might come along, but also relishing my single-ness and not having to share the remote.

  • I'm extraordinarily blessed to have found that Mr. Right, and thankfully he's just as cheesy as I am.

    I absolutely adore how much my man loves being in love with me, because I love being in love with him, too! And it turns out, he loves Valentine's Day as much as I do. "I don't need an excuse to buy you flowers, but I love an excuse to buy you flowers," he tells me. And for the record, I get flowers on the regular ... but on February 14, I can always count on roses.

    Another thing that's special about having this guy in my life? How much he loves celebrating V-Day not just with me or the two daughters we have together -- he also loves doting on his stepdaughters. He never misses an opportunity to make them feel loved and included, and you can bet your bottom dollar he always has special little Valentine treats for them, too.

  • Life is too short to not find joy in the little things.

    I completely respect that some people don't care for Valentine's Day, and that's cool. I sincerely hope that they have other things they find joy in, and celebrate them with abandon. Because really, what's the point of all of this without being able to have some fun?

    As for me and my crew? We're just going to keep loving on this "cheesy Hallmark holiday," even if it's unpopular in some circles. We'll console ourselves with copious amounts of chocolate.