Mom Nails a Spin on the Ice After Challenging Herself To Do the One Thing That Scared Her

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Moms are teachers. Not always in the literal sense, but by the fact that we are constantly sharing whatever knowledge with our kids; here’s how you walk, here’s how you brush your teeth, here’s how you care and keep friends. But it can be so easy to forget that we need to keep learning, too! Mom Carey Reilly wants to make sure that she’s always growing and changing, which is why she decided to challenge herself to do the one thing that really scared her: ice skating.


Learning how to ice skate as an adult is hard, but the mom of two was definitely up for the task. After all, we know that Michelle Kwan had to start from somewhere! Of course, Carey was a wee bit afraid of falling -- which we can’t blame her for. 

“If I got down, my whole family goes down,” she jokes. 

But Carey wasn’t going to let her fear hold her back. First she starts off as a “wall hugger,” but before she knows it she’s trying harder skills -- she skates backwards, learns how to pick herself up after a fall, and even tries a spin! Admittedly, she says she’s not the most graceful on the ice, but we think with a little practice she could be the ice skating swan of her dreams.

Watch Carey’s entire journey, as she takes the time to do what scares her and finally faces her fear of the ice!

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