Stay-at-Home Mom Takes Weeklong 'Happiness Jar' Challenge & Finally Gets a Minute to Herself

Maria Jose Ovalle
Maria Jose Ovalle

A lot of people think they know what stay-at-home moms do all day -- but only some of them are right. It’s like you’re running a small city; errands need to be run, kids need to be dropped off and picked up, and you need the organizational skills of a CEO to get it all done. Of course, you do have the luxury of doing it all in your house, but just because it’s a comfortable setting, it doesn’t mean you have all that time to yourself.


Mom María José Ovalle knows this too well. As a SAHM, María admits that she does have pockets of time to practice a little self-care while her daughter naps, but rarely does she take advantage of it. That is why she was motivated to make a change. 

For one week, María tried the Happiness Jar Challenge, which tasked her with picking one activity a day dedicated to her (and her alone). Throughout her week, María truly indulged in some self-care. All she had to do was pick one craft stick a day that had an activity she wanted to treat herself to on it. The activities ranged from putting extra time and care into her outfit of the day (#OOTD), buying herself a brand-new red lipstick, and (yes!) to going to bed early.

At the end of her week, María learned a valuable lesson about taking time for yourself -- especially when it seems like whatever free time you have seems like it could be better used taking care of others. 

Take a look at her video and see just how her weeklong challenge changed how she feels about parenting -- and herself.

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