This Mom’s Tip For Planning A Sleepover Party In Less Than 24 Hours? Don’t Panic.

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Every mom would like to consider herself the party queen, but let’s be honest: Heavy is the head who wears that crown from time to time!

Cori Ingrassia recently found that out the hard way. “Over the past 14 years, I’ve thrown and attended about 187 billion kids parties,” the mom of three says. “Just a rough estimate.”

But all that experience suddenly meant nothing when her daughter Delaina reminded her that a squad of her best girlfriends from school were coming over for a big sleepover party — the very next day. As the reigning party queen of her household, Cori couldn’t believe that she’d totally blanked on the big slumber party. It had to be the following weekend. Right?

Wrong. Cori’s Amazon Echo and Alexa confirmed it. In less than 24 hours, 11 little girls would be descending on her less-than-party-ready home. And she hadn’t planned a thing.

“It was every mom’s worst nightmare,” Cori says. Luckily, Alexa had her back. Between the two of them, Cori and Alexa planned a menu of snacks, games, and party music to throw the perfect sleepover.

OK, OK, so it wasn’t perfect. Cori forgot to clean the bathroom, she burned the dessert, and her son spilled soda all over the living room. But in the end, everyone had a blast. “The girls had a great time,” Cori says. “They did! Because kids don’t get hung up on the silly stuff we do.”

And while that bathroom still needs a good scrubbing, Cori’s not worried. She’ll just ask Alexa to add some extra bleach to her Amazon shopping cart. Check out this episode of Truth Bomb Moms to see how it all went down!