This Mom’s Hacks For Managing the Morning Mayhem Are Total Sanity Savers

mom hacks

Mornings are tough. And mornings with two kids under the age of 3? Let’s just say that even the most chipper early mama bird sometimes finds her wings dragging a bit. From hungry babies to hyper toddlers, there really is no such thing as a lazy morning when you’re mom. And forget sleeping in.


Erica Lasan doesn’t even need an alarm clock these days. Her two active little ones — feisty toddler Arria and active baby Jaiyce — make sure that she rises (and attempts to shine) with the sun every morning. So she’s developed some helpful hacks to make the morning rush a bit less hectic. (Operative words: a bit.)

In this installment of Truth Bomb Moms, Erica shares some of her best tips for mitigating the morning madness. “Mornings can be pretty chaotic,” she says. “But thankfully, we are finally coming into a system that is working for us.” Erica wakes up 10 minutes early (you wouldn’t believe how far a few extra minutes of alone time go) to beat her kids to the kitchen. That’s where her second hack comes into play. Erica meal preps for the kids the night before, pre-preparing healthy breakfast foods like fruit, yogurt, and granola so that when her hungry beasts storm the kitchen she’s ready for them.

Once breakfast is done, the Lasan family morning routine always includes practicing good oral hygiene. Erica relies on Baby Orajel™ Tooth and Gum Cleanser to teach Arria healthy habits early. It’s all leading up to a very big event: Arria’s first dentist visit! Check out the episode of Truth Bomb Moms below for a peek into Erica’s morning routine and her tips for streamlining your own.

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