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  • And oh, sweet baby, the lessons you’ve helped me learn.     

    You’ve taught me how to juggle 1,000 balls without completely melting down. 

    You’ve taught me that kids truly are resilient, and that my love covers so many gaps. 

    You’ve taught me to slow down. To savor firsts and lasts, and to focus on what’s really important, like drinking in the smell of your hair after a bath, and memorizing your tiny fingers and your perfect baby lips. 

    You’ve taught me to chill. To roll with the punches, and to laugh when everything falls apart. 

    You’ve taught me how absolutely strong I can be, and you’ve given me a confidence I lacked the first time around.     

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  • But more than anything, my love, you taught me that a heart is absolutely limitless in size, and that love is the antidote to fear.

    So, it’s true. You didn’t make me a mother. 

    But you sure made me a better one.

    This post was submitted to CafeMom and was republished with permission. Kendra is the co-founder of Daylight to Dark, a lifestyle blog. She is a fun-loving wife and mama to a spirited blue-eyed girl and a particularly jolly baby boy. She's an expert at holding down the fort, abandoning her coffee, and interjecting just the right amount of  snark into any conversation. You can follow Daylight to Dark on Facebook and Instagram.