Woman Blasts Family of 3 for ‘Excessive’ Amount of Toilet Paper They Use in a Week


toilet paper

A mom on the Internet is causing a hilarious debate after she put her household members on blast for just how much toilet paper they go through per week. In a viral post that has people comparing notes, she explained that only three people live under her roof and asked if it was normal that they blow through a nine-pack of toilet paper per week, every week. Of course, some people thought this was way excessive, whereas others can completely relate (especially boy moms!). "Honestly I think someone is eating it," the mom wrote.

  • As the mom explained, her household might be small but it seems to go through TP at a rapid pace.

    In a post on Netmums, the anonymous woman explained that she lives with two other adults -- both men, but it seemed as if they were just burning through toilet paper. "I buy a pack of nine a week and we are using 90 percent of it," she wrote. "Is this excessive??"

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  • Some people were shocked by how much toilet paper the household was using.

    "There's two adults in my house," one person wrote in the comments. "A pack of nine would last a month honestly! Someone is definitely eating it lol. Or using it to clean the toilet maybe?"

    "Wow, I’m never going to complain again... One adult and two kids (one girl: one boy), we use about two to three a week tops!" wrote someone else.

    And another person thought that her house was using a lot of toilet paper until she saw this mom's story. "Wow, I thought we went through a lot of toilet rolls but by some standards definitely not lol. We’re a family of six and I’d say I put a new roll in each (two) bathroom every three days so five rolls? When you consider that’s almost one per person per week that sounds like loads though."

  • But parents of large families or with little ones understood the mom's pain.

    "My family of seven (one is a baby) we use around six/seven maybe even more depending on if the girls decide to use it as beds & pillows for [their] tiny dolls," one person wrote in the comments.

    One mom of a smaller family, however, also had a paper problem. "Two adults and a teen and we can use 12 or more in a week," she commented.

    "I love this post and really made me laugh. This is a strong topic in my house. There's seven of us and the toilet roll use is ridiculous. Can walk in the bathroom and there can be half a roll then the next time u go its gone. I buy a pack of of six on a Monday come Friday/Saturday I'm buying more. My kids like to bandage their hand with it before they wipe. Honestly we have endless debates about how many squares you need [to] use," someone else added.