After Surviving Years of Abuse From Her Ex, Mom Gets the Best Mother's Day Gift


dad walking with kids

Most mothers agree that their Mother's Day is made best by sweet and simple gestures rather than grandiose gifts. Partners letting them sleep in, children handing them homemade gifts -- small gestures made with love are truly the most rewarding. But for one mom on Reddit, her favorite Mother's Day gift was something her husband didn't even realize he gave her.

  • The grateful mom recounts the simple tale of her husband referring to her children, his stepchildren, as "his" kids. 

    Although this might seem like an innocuous thing, the idea of ever having a loving partner who also is a loving father was a far cry from her reality just a few years ago.

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  • She described a harrowing reality where something as simple as hearing an expression of affection wasn't even in the realm of possibility. 

    In a brief but impactful description, the mom recalls how her former husband treated her and her children so poorly that in order to escape an immensely abusive relationship, she traded inflicting any legal repercussions on him for total freedom.

  • Luckily, this story has a truly happy ending: 

    Mama and her kids are doing well, and it's truly the best feeling she could ever have hoped for.

  • Others chimed in to share their stories of making a new and blended family work. 

    A few talked about the positive impact of having a loving stepparent and how being made to feel like a "legitimate" child made all the difference. 

    As we reflect on another Mother's Day in the books, here's to hoping we can all find the love it takes to make a real family -- no matter how that family comes together.