This Is Motherhood: CafeMom's Latest Mission

this is motherhood

This article is part of a series dedicated to providing support and visibility to motherhood in every one of its forms. To read more stories on what motherhood looks like for all types of women, visit This Is Motherhood.

Did anyone who ever entered the role of motherhood expect their story to play out the way it did? Our whole lives we imagined that motherhood would be a unicorn-magical, linear journey, only to realize it's more like a winding road that's sometimes smooth and sometimes covered in gravel and maybe even ice.

But that's what makes it so beautiful. Motherhood is messy and imperfect, awe-inspiring and revelatory. Sometimes it's lonely and monotonous, but it's rarely ever dull. But most of all, it's different for every single person who enters the role.

That's why this Mother's Day (and beyond), CafeMom is committed to showing motherhood in all of its unique glory. 


In our ongoing series, readers will meet all the different types of women who hold a space in motherhood. From stepmoms to mothers with disabilities, these women are defining their roles in a way that works for them and their families -- and all of it "counts." Our hope is that in seeing a diverse and interesting set of women, mothers around the world will gain a little more awe for the incredible roles they play in their children's lives -- no matter how they play them.

To see motherhood in all of its beautiful, empowering, bewildering uniqueness, check out our series and be sure to share!

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