People Are Sharing the Best Things They Learned from Their Moms -- Because Mama Knows Best


A mother and grown daughter sit side-by-side embracing.

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Mother's Day is right around the corner (and if you somehow forgot, this is your reminder to order that gift for Mom, STAT). It's at this time of year we collectively start to get all warm and fuzzy about the women who brought us into the world and imparted their sage wisdom unto us -- for better, or worse. Some of their pieces of advice were heart-tugging and inspiring; others were ... well, kind of hilarious. Or weird. Or both. Either way, they were totally mom. And that's what makes them all the more memorable.

Here's what the good people of Twitter have shared about the lessons their own mothers taught them that still stick with them today. The good, the bad, and the ... WTF?

  • There's this mom's seasoned parenting advice, which includes five essential "rules" we could all stand to follow.

    (If you ask me, No. 4 should be in bold and underlined. And then highlighted.)

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  • And this mom's heartwarming reassurance that everything is gonna be okay.

    Awww. I need to print this one out and tape it to my bathroom mirror.

  • This mom has a valuable reminder for pretty much anyone who's on Tinder right now.

    (And if he's handsome and rich AND treats you amazingly ... well then, he's a serious keeper.)

  • This mom's guidebook for life includes some real talk we all need.

    No. 4 should be taught in high schools, TBH.

  • This feminist mama tells it like it is: You better be able to stand on your own two feet, girl!

    Yes, yes, and more YES.

  • And if you're feeling as if you're not being appreciated for your awesomeness, walk away -- you deserve better.

    THIS times a million. (Wish I'd learned this back in high school!)

  • Other people shared lessons from mom that may not be as heartwarming, but d*mn were they helpful later in life.

    Seriously -- why did none of us appreciate the sweet joy of matinee pricing when we were younger??

  • There were lessons that didn't make sense to us as kids ...

    ... but sure are handy now.

    (Thanks, Mom!)

  • And lessons we rolled our eyes at ... 

    ... but totally get the importance of now that we're adults.

  • And the ones we should have been listening to just a little bit harder.

    Oof, I really didn't expect this one to ever come true ... 

  • Of course, not all of mom’s “sage” advice was worth taking. In fact, some of it was downright cringe-worthy.

    OMG, MA!

    *Runs way in mortification.*

  • And some of it was REAL dark.

    This would scar me for life.

  • But most of the ones that stick around are the good ones ... 

    ... ones that still get us a little bit teary. In all the right ways.

  • So thank you, moms of the world -- for leaving us with little pieces of you inside us. 

    And a whole lot of wonderful -- and whacky -- things to repeat to our own kids.

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