The Movie 'Bad Moms' Inspired a Group of Real Moms to Get in Touch With Their Wild Sides

bad moms
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Every mother will tell you that keeping up with every facet of life is nearly impossible. Whether working or staying at home, the job of a mother comes with an immeasurable amount of pressure and very little time to be taken for one's self. So when the movie Bad Moms, a film about a trio of moms on a mission to take back their lives, hit theaters in 2016, it really resonated with audiences.

A group of moms from Long Island, New York, are such big fans that they decided to honor the spirit of the movie in real life. They call themselves real-life “Bad Moms” and formed their own group and get together twice a month to party. Judging by the look of it, we all need to start making "Bad Mom Chapters" in our own cities ... 
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