Embarrassed Woman Asks People to Share 'Fart Stories' & They're Blowing Us Away


fart stories

A fact of life is that we all fart. Although some of us toot with no shame, others will abruptly excuse themselves to get some relief in the bathroom. No matter how anyone personally feels about farting, one thing we can all agree on that is how mortifying it is if one slips out at an opportune time. 

  • A mother on Mumsnet knows that particular embarrassment all too well ...  

    "Did a giant trumple right in the face of my lovely young man chiropractor ... [expletive] you salad lunch," she confessed.

    And with her confession came a humble request: 

    "Make me feel better with your farty stories ... I can't face him again."

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  • And much to our delight, the Internet obliged. 


    Side note: How many of OUR husbands have cheeky names for our farts? 

  • People told tales of letting one slip at the yoga studio ... 


    ... truthfully who hasn't tried to pass off a fart as a squeaky floorboard?

  • Others confessed about farting in front of their SO for the first time. 

    mumsnet comment

    We wonder if she'll ever come clean?

  • And a few gave some solid advice. 

    And even though we may never forgive ourselves for these truly embarrassing moments, it is nice to know we aren't alone.